Judging Support SystemCo-development with FIG

AI and 3D Sensing Technology for Supporting Fair Judgement

The International Gymnastics Federation and Fujitsu have been collaborating on building Judging Support System for Artistic Gymnastics competitions since 2017

What is Judging Support System(JSS)?

4 steps to use JSS

  • STEP1
    Capturing 3D Data
    Capture 3D data of gymnasts' performance markers
  • STEP2
    Skeleton Recognition
    AI analyses the position of athletes’ joints and tracks the movement of the human body
  • STEP3
    Data Matching
    AI recognizes the performed elements and checks them with the element’s dictionary(database)
  • STEP4-1
    Multi-Angle View
    Display the performance in 360 degrees to check the angles and distances of each element
  • STEP4-2
    Element Recognition
    Display the D-score as well as the name of performed elements, symbol marks, etc.

Watch JSS Video

3 Usage Scenarios

  • Judging
    "Support" - Judges
    Judging Support
    With 360 degrees 3DCG data
  • Training
    "Perform" - Gymnasts
    Same system as the World
    Championships for training
  • Contents
    "View" - Spectators
    Enriching contents with 3D data
    New viewing experience for fans

Official Use of Judging Support System at FIG Competitions

49th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Stuttgart 2019

Multi-angle view function was used.
World Championships in 2019

2020 Friendship and Solidarity Competition in Tokyo

Element recognition function for vault was used.
FIG announces Friendship and Solidarity Competition in Tokyo on 8 November

To Improve Your Skills

JSS to assist coaches and gymnasts in perfecting their skills

  • Same system as the World Championships for training
  • Judges’ scoring points can be checked
  • Displaying the images for detailed angles such as leg openings with numeric data

It is up to you to make up different ways to use JSS

  • Incorporate IT into your gymnastics training

Future Usage of JSS for Gymnastics Fans!

For Gymnastics Fans
Here are some tips to make it more fun in the future:

  • Learn gymnastics elements with JSS animation
  • Check the elements with a multi-angle view after the performance to see the details
  • In case of difficulty in watching performances at the competition site, check with JSS instead
  • Replay the performed elements on TV to check the details

For Gymnasts
Show your performance to gymnastics fans in a new way:

  • Engage and captivate your audience with the hybrid of actual and digital performances using JSS
  • Your fans will understand the greatness and complexity of your performance through JSS

JSS brings new experiences to gymnastics fans, and it will contribute to increasing the number of them.

A proposal of future usage of JSS as entertainment
A proposal of future usage of JSS for app

Our 3 Goals to the Further Development of the Gymnastics

  • Global expansion of Judging Support System (JSS) to reinforce the fairness of judging
  • Improving athletic performance and providing greater safety using IT in training
  • Using JSS data for TV broadcasting or the sports presentation at the venue

Judging Support System Roadmap

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